Type Of Business Trip

Briefcase, laptop, suit and tie: At first glance, all business travellers are the same. Thanks to dress code rules. But far from it: In fact, there are very different types of business travel – even a study, namely the “Business Traveler Market Segmentation Study” on behalf of the company Concur and the worldwide business travel association GBTA, found out. Now all you have to do is find yourself in one of the travel types…

Business Trip Type #1: The Veteran

He is an old hand in business travelling and with 33 percent the largest group of all business travel types: The veteran loves to be on the road for business – for him the professional trip is no stress. Because he is aware of the importance of personal meetings and a decent handshake. This business trip type appreciates above all the safe journey, on which it wants to remain always in contact with family and company. He knows the problems and hurdles that can arise during a trip and therefore plans them in detail in advance. He prefers to use new technologies and practical gadgets for his business trips.

Business trip type #2: The travel tired one

After all, 25 percent of all business travellers are frequently on the road, mostly by car, but try to reduce their professional trips. In order to make the journey as pleasant as possible, the travel tired person gets informed in advance about sights, hotspots and the best restaurants at the destinations. In addition, this type travels with handy luggage and wants to be as flexible as possible. That’s why he likes to use the latest navigation systems to make the journey as uncomplicated and smooth as possible.

Business trip type #3: The relaxed one

Actually, this type of business trip, which makes up the third largest group with 21 percent, likes to travel, but lacks the necessary experience for stress-free travel. That’s why the undisturbed often has problems finding their way around in foreign cities. A few Travel Hacks could already help him with helpful tips for his business trip. The undisturbed person sees the trip as a challenge, which he makes as pleasant as possible through contact with his family and a personalized leisure program in the foreign city.

Business trip type #4: The High-Tec-Traveller

You could also call him a Digital Nomad – because the high-tech traveller has fully integrated travel into his life and feels at home almost everywhere. This rather small group of 14 percent loves to travel for the company and always uses more technology than any other type of travel. The technical helpers enable the high-tech traveller to work more productively and make one or two business trips superfluous. It is also important for this type of business trip to stay in touch with their family during their stay – usually via the usual digital options.

Business trip type #5: The greenhorn

They are the newcomers among the business trip types – and with 7 percent the smallest group: The Greenhorn is still at the beginning of his career and is inexperienced in planning the trip. At the same time he is enthusiastic and curious. The Greenhorn likes to let his friends participate in exploring new destinations via social media. He wants to make new contacts on the spot. This type of business trip usually travels by plane, is at the same time very aware of the effects on the climate and tries to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.

How satisfied business travellers can save money

There you go: Improve compliance and cost savings by increasing business traveler satisfaction.

Employees are most likely to follow a company policy if it facilitates their work. When you book a trip, you don’t want to spend all your time looking for options that comply with the policy. Travelers should find all their travel plans in one place. Approvals should be done with one click.

If this is the case, travel activity reports are also a piece of cake. You can work more efficiently, identify new savings opportunities, and adapt your policy to future challenges.

Our customers chose to rely on the satisfaction of their business travelers. Learn how this resulted in better policy compliance and cost savings.

An intuitive platform attracts users and ensures policy compliance
The processing of all bookings via an online portal is the key to success if you want to improve your company sustainably. Take, for example, the global Nasdaq stock exchange with thousands of employees. Travel bookings were largely made offline, with booking fees accounting for as much as 7 percent of the company’s travel expenses. The industry average is 3-5 percent, so the expense was not insignificant.

Nasdaq employees had to make fundamental changes to their behavior when planning, booking and managing their business trips. Nasdaq chose Egencia because of its intuitive online platform. As a result, 90 percent of travelers said they would recommend Egencia to others. The traveler satisfaction rate reached 100 percent.

This high level of satisfaction ensured that most travelers booked in accordance with the policy.

And the savings? Changes in the business travel program resulted in savings of $500,000 in the first six months of working with Egencia. Learn more.

Compliance through ease of use

Isn’t everything a little easier when you know how it works? That also applies to business trips. A travel management solution that works like your business simplifies a lot.

This is also the case with Alexander Mann Solutions. The company is designed in such a way that business trips are managed on a project or customer basis. Using Egencia, the travel manager was able to implement project-based approval. When booking, travelers and travel coordinators can select a project or customer. This triggers an automated approval workflow that notifies the responsible approver.

Thanks to the company-specific travel policy solution, Alexander Mann Solutions was able to achieve an online booking rate of 89.9 percent and compliance with its travel policy of 87.4 percent.

Satisfied business travelers are more effective employees and ensure a more efficient travel program.

It is not difficult to promote the benefits of an independent travel management platform. It becomes more difficult if travelers are to use it company-wide. If it is not possible to book in a user-friendly and policy-compliant way via the platform, employees will book their business trips elsewhere.

Our Matrix42 customers see it this way: “Business travel should be as simple, smooth and convenient as possible. After all, you want to be in top form in order to concentrate fully on the task you have to do on site.”

We can only agree with that. The Egencia booking platform is just as easy to use as the Expedia website, where countless people book their holidays. The proof? 100 percent of all Matrix42 business travel is booked through Egencia. Policy-compliant bookings, more room for negotiation and satisfied travelers are just some of the benefits. Matrix42 has saved an average of 17 percent on travel costs since working with Egencia. Watch the video

Satisfaction helps you fulfill your duty of care

The duty of care is a big responsibility for every travel manager. This also applies to Attendo. The company has over 20,000 employees throughout Scandinavia. No single person (or team) can keep track of the travel plans of so many employees. That’s why Egencia decided to focus on satisfaction and policy compliance.

Niklas Nordström, Attendo’s Travel Program Manager, puts it this way: “The needs of our travelers will continue to evolve, so it is important that we work with a TMC that invests in its technology and continuously improves it.

Using Egencia increased satisfaction and compliance with the Attendo travel program. Policy compliance and powerful reporting tools have combined to improve their travel program. This enables Attendo to fulfill its vendor contracts and gain insight into travel patterns. And the larger the amount of data, the greater the potential for improvement for your travel program. But business traveler satisfaction is not just about compliance. In an emergency, you can locate and support your travelers’ whereabouts.