Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

In a previous blog post, I have already shown you five successful and extremely successful examples of corporate channels on Youtube. Now you might think that as a million-dollar company with countless employees, it’s no big deal to run such a channel and provide it with high-quality videos.

Surely financial and human resources make it easier. But you can also make good videos with a simple camcorder or even with a mobile phone, which you can cut into an entertaining and informative Youtube clip with just a few simple steps.Much more important is and remains the idea behind a video.

What is to be said with the video? Who should be addressed? And how will the represented company present itself?

In the following I would like to introduce you to some Youtube channels of smaller companies that are run with little effort but creative ideas.

Painter Deck

The master painter Werner Deck has become something of a legend in the field of social media marketing.

He has been active on almost all social media platforms for years. He runs a blog, can be found on Facebook and Google+, of course also on Xing and LinkedIn, he tweets and even fills his pinboards with content on Pinterest.

Only Instagram doesn’t seem to have been discovered yet.

In 2011 he received the title “Mister Social Media des Handwerks”.

He is now regarded as a social media expert and is in great demand as a speaker for SMEs.

On his Youtube channel, he presents himself and his company in interviews and commercials, but also posts private videos of the family dog, his performance on “Do you understand fun?” or videos of a rally through Poland in which he participated.

It seems that the channel is primarily designed to present him as a cult figure in order to draw attention to his company.

Very entertaining and entertaining!

Hotel Am Alten Rhin

The Hotel Am Alten Rhin also knows best how to present itself on Youtube and to attract guests.

The hotel, room and restaurant are presented in a video. Beyond that still the slogan of the hotel is regional 1. choice introduced and explained.

Thus all with the breakfast and in the restaurant offered food of suppliers from the region are referred and these are called in the videos also by name.

In another playlist, the chef presents regional dishes such as eel in jelly or sour roast with apple red cabbage and provides step-by-step instructions on how to cook.

In order to inspire guests for a vacation in the region, the city Neuruppin and the surrounding countryside are introduced and event tips are given.

A successful Youtube appearance of a small family business.


Gustini is a small online shop for Italian specialties and delicatessen from traditional producers from all regions of Italy.

Typical Italian specialities are presented on the Youtube channel of the shop. In the “Genuss-TV” playlist, Tuscan barbecues, balsamic vinegar tastings and fennel salami tastings are shown at the butcher’s in Chianti.

In “Mission Feinkost”, company founder Jens Depenau and an employee in Italy are looking for new, traditional delicacies to include in the shop’s range.

A professional appearance that whets the appetite!

Parrot bakery

The parrot bakery and the corresponding online shop occupy a very special niche: Here high-quality feeds for parrots and parakeets are sold.

The company presents itself on Youtube with product videos, feeding tips and recipe ideas for parrot and parakeet holders. Two TV appearances by company founder Marita Grabowski will also be shown.

Some of the recipes are even presented in English.

The Youtube channel of the parrot bakery is still quite young, so there are not too many videos available yet. After a promising start one can assume, however, that it will continue to develop positively.

Brewery Frastanz

The Austrian brewery Frastanz has only about 30 employees, but a Youtube channel from which many a large company could cut a slice:

Not only image films and commercials are shown here.

With the format “frastanzerTV” there is a series of highly professional-looking videos in which the different types of beer of the brewery are presented. Customers like bars, restaurants or cinemas are presented as well as impressions of the Bockbierfest and other local events.

There was an extra World Cup studio for the World Cup. In another video series the company mascots “the 3 sisters” lead through the brewery and explain the individual production steps.

Of course, all these videos will also be integrated into the other social media presences of the company on Facebook and Google+.

The Youtube channel of the Frastanz brewery is an impressive example of how even small companies can use the video portal sensibly and to their own advantage.

The examples show that you don’t need a large budget or an infinite number of staff.

With a few creative ideas a good Youtube channel can also be realized for small companies and equipped with respectable videos!

Marketing tips for small businesses:

Facebook offers its more than 300 million (!) users a good and low-cost start into the social media world. Attention: Use company names sensibly and don’t waste it on a personal profile! Building a company fanpage – how do the others do it? Take a close look at competing fanpage pages to get a better impression of how you can or should not present yourself.

Xing/LinkedIn: The social business platforms Xing and LinkedIn are also suitable for small companies. On both platforms, there are a large number of topic-oriented groups in which companies can participate in conversations and thus show their presence.

Corporate blogs: Compared to Facebook, corporate blogs are almost out of fashion. Nevertheless, they can also be valuable for small companies, even if the start is a bit more complicated. Success only comes with good content! This premise also applies to blogs: Less advertising, more information. This work should only be done by someone who can write with enthusiasm, loosely and understandably and who has the necessary time to do so.

Presence on foreign blogs: Social media means above all also communication and this does not always take place only on the own platforms, but likewise for example on foreign blogs. The contact to the bloggers can be very helpful for your own reputation, because you can build trust. A nice way to increase the reach of your blog is to post regular comments, links in your own postings or even reciprocal guest contributions.